In this guide we take a look at the benefits of Ceylon tea and what you can expect to get from drinking this amazing tea.

Sitting down with a cup of tea gives you time to relax, unwind, and reflect on your day. Drinking tea can provide many health benefits beyond its calming nature. Ceylon tea especially provides benefits that other tea’s do not.

Ceylon Tea comes from the island of Sri Lanka and can come in the form of green or black tea. Black teas use aged and oxidized tea leaves while green teas use fresh leaves. The two types of teas have different flavors and health benefits.

The Benefits of Ceylon Green Tea

All tea is caffeinated though some teas contain more than others. This means that both green and black teas help with mental alertness. Green tea also helps lower the risk of certain cancers and Parkinson’s disease. Green tea drinkers have also noted lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Green tea is a great drink for people who are looking to lose weight. Studies have shown that tea helps speed weight loss, but the results are not conclusive. In either case, swapping tea for sugary drinks can make a big difference.  Ceylon green tea is great for promoting dental health. The catechins in the tea kill harmful oral bacteria.

Benefits of Ceylon Tea

Healthy skin is another of the benefits of Ceylon green tea. The Polyphenols in the tea act as an antioxidant, reactivating dying skin cells. This helps your skin to heal from sun damage, rash, or other ailments. It also promotes your skin’s ability to heal wounds.
Green tea’s flavor and health benefits make drinking it a no brainer.

The Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea

Black teas are what many people think of when they hear the word tea. The tea is aged and oxidized, giving it its dark coloring and unique flavor. This process gives black teas their own unique health benefits.

Black tea can make a big impact on kidney health. Black tea’s diuretic properties increase your output of urine. This helps your kidneys to remove toxins and cleanse your body.

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon black tea also promotes cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. The unique mix of vitamins and minerals it provides also contribute to heart health.

Black teas make a great coffee substitute. Coffee drinkers experience many of the drink’s downsides. These problems can include increased wrinkling, osteoporosis, and consumption of pesticides. Drinking black tea instead of coffee saves you from these maladies.

Ceylon Tea for the Libido

Rare and expensive white teas are made just from the buds of the tea leaf. Tea aficionados claim that white tea has a unique aphrodisiac quality. For this reason, Sri Lanka has begun exporting premium white teas. The tea is popular with wealthy businessmen in China, Japan, and the Middle East. Ceylon white tea is worth a try if you can find a good deal on it.

Tea drinkers have enjoyed the health benefits of tea for centuries. Modern studies have only confirmed the many benefits that they bring. There’s no reason not to try a healthy and tasty drink like Ceylon tea.

If you’re looking to buy this delicious tea you can find it at most supermarkets or specialty tea stores.

If you end up buying loose leaf tea you might want to look at buying a loose leaf tea infuser. There are so many different types on the market but you will often find the more basic are better for everyday use.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the benefits of Ceylon tea. If I have missed something important, you have feedback or anything else then please feel free to leave a comment below.