Curious to what are the benefits of sage tea? We take a look at what benefits you may experience from drinking this delicious tea.

Drinking herbal tea brings all sorts of health benefits. Sage tea especially can contribute to health in unique ways. Doctors and healers recognized sage’s healing properties centuries ago. Drinking sage tea is a great way to promote a healthy life.

We will now go into all the main benefits you will get out of drinking this fantastic tea.

The Main Benefits of Sage Tea

One of the most well-known benefits of sage is its ability to help with digestive issues. Sage can promote appetite, reduce stomach pains, cure diarrhea, and end heartburn. Steeping the leaves in water release the active ingredients, making them easier to absorb. The steeping process also makes the ingredients more potent. Women also use sage to help soothe menstrual pain or hot flashes.

Sage tea also promotes mental health in drinkers. Sage has had a reputation through history for treating memory loss. Research shows that the active ingredients in sage tea slows the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking sage tea can also reduce agitation in patients who already have Alzheimer’s. The younger crowd can enjoy increased memory retention from consuming sage tea.

Some benefits of sage tea that don’t involve drinking include throat and skin care. Rubbing a weak sage tea on your skin can reduce oiliness. It also makes a good hair rinse, treating dandruff and making hair shinier. If you have a sore throat or cankers, gargling with sage tea is a good cure. The drinking of oolong tea can also help with keep your skin healthy and clean. There are many oolong tea benefits that are very similar to that of sage tea.

If you have issues with liver health, sage tea can be a great way to treat it. You will find that one of the sage tea benefits is that it has many antioxidants that are easier for the body to absorb in tea form. Regular drinkers of sage tea can see liver antioxidant levels 24% higher than average. Sage tea also preserves lipids that are essential to liver function. Sage tea can reduce the loss of glutathione, an essential lipid, by more than 60%.

Benefits of Sage Tea

If you are feeling anxious, a cup of sage tea is a great way to calm down. The process of making the tea and sitting down to drink is calming in itself. Sage tea improves mood in general and especially in stressful situations. Taking the time to drink some tea can make you happier and more effective under stress. You will find this is not only one of the benefits of sage tea but almost every tea out there.

People with cancer concerns should consider incorporating sage tea into their diet. The antioxidants in sage that bring so many other benefits also have anti-cancer properties. The phenolic compounds in sage protect and repair DNA. Another active ingredient in sage tea slows the replication of cancerous cells. You would also find that a side effect of chrysanthemum tea will also help with liver disease as that too is rich in antioxidants.

People with diabetes or other dietary restrictions will love the sage tea benefits. The tea reduces blood glucose helping people with diabetes stay healthy. Regular tea drinkers also have lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol. The freedom that sage tea brings is immense.

Benefits of Sage Tea and honey

Women in menopause will enjoy sage tea’s ability to reduce hot flashes. Regular drinkers experience half as many hot flashes as non-drinkers. Other common symptoms related to menopause, including urinary and mental symptoms are also reduced.

Sage is a wonderful addition to any diet because of the benefits that it brings. Drinking it in tea form is both tasty and a great way to increase its absorbability.

If you’re looking at incorporating sage tea in your life, then you can find it readily available at most retailers. You will find that it is much like every other tea and comes in both tea bags and as a loose leaf tea. If you’re looking to buy online you can find it at most specialised tea stores or even large stores such as Amazon.

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