Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea
There are many chamomile tea benefits making it a very good tea to have in your kitchen. It is also one of the cheaper teas that you’re able to buy when compared to the more modern tea combinations. In this guide I will take you through what exactly chamomile tea is and the top 4 benefits of this amazing tea.

If you love watching videos then be sure to check out the video I have prepared below that takes you through the four benefits of drinking this delicious and healthy tea.

What is Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is the common name for several daisy plants that are used for making tea and has several medical properties. There are some species of daisies known as chamomile that aren’t used in herbal tea so if you try to grow your own chamomile then it is important to find out which species have the herbal qualities.

To best brew this you should use a loose leaf tea infuser such as the manatea tea infuser or the many other variations that are out there.

4 Chamomile Tea Benefits

Below is the four chamomile tea benefits that you might help you with your day-to-day routine.

Chamomile Tea for Colds

It has been shown that chamomile tea for colds has decreased the length of the cold. This is because it has been shown to boost the immune system and its antibacterial properties.

It also helps sooth any of the painful symptoms that often come along with the common cold.

A natural sweetener such as honey goes absolutely great with this tea when you’re trying to get over a cold. The honey will help sooth your throat from any pain you are suffering.

Calms Muscle Spams

Another one of the chamomile tea benefits is that it has been shown that drinking chamomile tea calms muscle cramps. This is because of the increase in glycine in your body. It also means it is great for calming menstrual cramps as well.

It also means it is great for calming menstrual cramps as well so if you’re suffering from cramps you can take some chamomile tea.

Promotes Good Sleep

It is widely known that drinking chamomile helps promotes good sleep. If you have been having restless nights, insomnia, nightmares then you should certainly give chamomile a try.

It has been shown to relieve all these symptoms so next time you’re having trouble sleeping making up a lovely cup of tea.

Chamomile Tea Benefits

Soothes Stomach Ache

Another One of the health benefits of chamomile tea is that it helps sooth an upset stomach. It helps by soothing and relaxing the muscles of the intestines. It also helps with poor digestion even if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Even if you don’t have any stomach pains it also promotes proper functioning of the stomach and helps improve digestion and relieve gas.

If you match chamomile tea with peppermint this will help improve the stomach soothing qualities of this tea.

Where to buy?

Chamomile tea is widely available so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you’re looking for tea bags or loose leaf chamomile tea then you should be able to find on sale at pretty much any good supermarket. You can also buy it online at tea specialist shops or even major outlets such as Amazon.

If you noticed that I have missed some important chamomile tea benefits, you have feedback or there is anything else that you would like to say then please feel free to leave a comment below.