Manatea Tea Infuser

The Manatea tea infuser is one of the coolest loose leaf tea infusers around. This little manatee grabs onto the edge of your mug whilst it infuses your favorite blend of tea into the water.

This infuser consists of two parts, the first is the head and the second is the fin. The fin is where you will be placing your tea into and will be the part that is submerged into the water.

Since this gadget is 100% silicon it is dishwasher safe so you’re able to just quickly throw it in there if you can’t be bothered cleaning it. Alternatively just washing it under a tap should be enough to clean it properly.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone then this is perfect as it doesn’t just look cool but you’re also able to use it for something everyone loves, brewing tea!

It is pretty important to know that there are a lot of fakes that just aren’t as good quality as the original so if you want an authentic infuser then be sure to buy form a reliable store.

If you want to see the manatea tea infuser in action check out the video I have prepared below. I quickly show it off and how you can fill it up with tea and place it onto your mug. It is super short and well worth taking a quick look at.

How to use the Manatea Tea Infuser

This manatea infuser is super easy to use and actually a lot easier than some of the tea ball infusers you find around.

  1. If it is the first time you’re using this then be sure to wash it before using it.
  2. Firstly remove the tail.
  3. Add your favorite blend of fresh loose leaf tea into the tail.
  4. Place the head back onto the tail.
  5. Add to the side of a mug with boiled water in it.
  6. Allow the tea to infuse for 3-5 minutes.
  7. Remove the infuser from the mug, alternatively you can leave it on the side.
  8. Enjoy!

Manatea Infuser Long

The Manatea Infuser verdict

Now I am not going to write an entire Manatea infuser review as there simply isn’t enough to talk about but instead i’ll just quickly give my opinion on it.

As I mentioned earlier this gadget is made out of 100% silicon much like the cool looking Mr tea infuser. This means it’s not going to wear out fast, become stained or anything else that might affect the overall quality. So for the cheap price of the infuser it is well worth the money. The downside of the silicon is that it does look a bit cheap. However as I mentioned before the price is relatively low so it’s not a huge issue.

Another one of the downsides is that if you have a very fine tea then it is likely to leak out the holes. If you’re a heavy drinker of fine loose leaf tea’s then the Manatea tea infuser is probably not the best buy for you. Something like a mesh ball would be a better choice as it prevents tea leaking out from the gadget.

If you don’t like something sitting on the edge of your mug when you go to drink it then you can very easy to simply pick up and remove this infuser. You will need to be very careful though as it will drip hot water so have a plate or something similar to put it on.

As i mentioned above you’re able to pick this infuser up from most good tea shops, novelty stores or supermarkets. If you’re looking to buy it online, then you can find this at plenty of trustworthy stores.

If you already own one of these and would love to share your thoughts on it then please feel free to leave a comment below. We should love to hear what you have to say on this cool little gadget.