The octopus tea infuser or also known as Octatea is a cute way to infuse your favourite blend of loose leaf tea.  It will fit in almost any sized mug or teapot. Keep in mind that very small mugs probably won’t work very well and the infuser can roughly only hold about 2 tsp. of tea.

If you love or know someone who loves octopus and tea, then this combines the two for the perfect gift.

If you want to see this thing in action, then be sure to check out the video above. It is super short but it shows you visually how to use the infuser and also what it looks like. If you’re interested in more be sure to check out some of the best tea infusers around.

Using the infuser

I will quickly go through how to use this infuser below but it’s super simple and doesn’t really require any instructions.

  1. Firstly, remove the head of the octopus.
  2. Place roughly 1 tsp. of your favourite loose leaf tea into the head.
  3. Place the tentacles back onto the head.
  4. Place the octopus tea infuser into the boiling water and allow the tea to infuse.
  5. Once you have brewed your tea for the required time simply remove the infuser from the water. You can leave it in if while you drink if that’s what you prefer.
  6. Drink & Enjoy

Octopus Tea Infuser Instructions

Tea Infuser Quality

The infuser is completely made of silicon which has quite a few pros and a couple of cons. One of the best things about silicon is that it is pretty easy to clean. You can simply throw it into the dishwasher or give it a wash under the tap.

Octopus Tea Infuser
You will also find that silicon is pretty good at not absorbing heat.  This is good when you go to pick the infuser out of the water and put it to the side.

One of the downsides to the octopus tea infuser being made out of silicon is the fact that it feels & looks a bit cheap. Luckily this cool infuser is cheap so you won’t be hugely out of pocket if you decide to buy this.

Like most of the novelty tea infusers that you will find this suffers from holes that are too large. For example, when you go to infuse a small/fine tea it will escape into the water. If you love small teas, then something like a mesh infuser probably will be a better buy.

Is the Octopus Tea Infuser Worth the Money?

Now you’re probably wondering how much this infuser is and whether it is worth the money.

As I mentioned quite a few times if you’re fan of octopus and tea then this gift is perfect and won’t set you back a fortune. You can find this particular infuser for sale at any good novelty shop for roughly $10 USD.

You can find it online for sale over atamazon. You may also be able to find this infuser at a novelty store or a specialised tea store. However it is probably just easier to buy online and get it delivered right to door.

The sharky infuser is yet another cool loose leaf tea infuser you might be interested. It resembles a shark and if you use a red tea then you get a cool “blood” effect coming from the gadget.

If you have your very own octopus tea infuser and would love to share your thoughts on it then be sure to drop a comment below.