Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea is one of the most popular Chinese teas and is consumed by many around the world. It has a rich aroma filled with fruit and nuts. If you were to compare this tea to green tea it is very similar but doesn’t have the herby grassiness you find in green tea.

There are many oolong tea benefits that can benefit both your physical and mental health. In this article I will take you through what is oolong tea and the health benefits around this amazing tea.

What is oolong tea

Oolong tea comes from the oolong plan, it is produced using a very unique process that typically involves withering the plant under the sun & using oxidation. This process may vary from variety to variety but typically remains the same with different rates of oxidation being the main difference.

There are many different varieties of the tea out there the most common ones are known as Sikkim Temi, Darjeerling, Assam smoked, Vietnamese and much more.

Hopefully the above helps you understand what is oolong tea, if you’re after information on the health benefits then check out below!

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Oolong Health Benefits

There are many oolong tea health benefits but I will mention just some of the biggest benefits you can get out of this tea.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss

Oolong tea can be used for weight loss, it has been shown that drinking this tea helps control the metabolism of fat in the body. If consumed daily the effectiveness at helping you lose weight has been really efficient.

You need to remember that oolong tea weight loss doesn’t occur without an eating less and or excising more.

Healthier Skin

It has been shown that people suffering from eczema can benefit by drinking about 3 cups of oolong tea a day. On average most people’s skin had improvements within a week.

Even if you don’t have eczema this is the perfect tea to help you get that better looking & healthier skin.

Healthier Bones

Oolong tea is full of fantastic antioxidants, these antioxidants help protect your teeth against tooth decay, prevent osteoporosis, strengthen your bones and encourage healthy normal growth of your body.

If you suffer from weak bones, want to prevent osteoporosis or you’re still growing then this tea is perfect for you.

Other Oolong tea benefits

There many other oolong tea benefits that you can look into. I will just briefly mention them below, while each of these are suspected to be benefits from the tea most of them still lack in depth studies.

  • Improving your Mental Health
  • Stress Management
  • Anti-Cancer Properties
  • Diabetes Control (Type 2)
  • Removal of harmful free radicals

Oolong Tea health Benefits

Where to Buy Oolong Tea

Much like all tea you’re able to buy it both online and offline, if you’re asking yourself where can I buy oolong tea then I would suggest checking out some online retailers such as Amazon. If you rather not buy it online then you can also find it at pretty much any good specialist tea retail store or major supermarket.

I hope that this guide on the oolong tea benefits has been able to teach you one or two things you didn’t already know. If you have feedback, anything to add or something else you would like to say then be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.