Sharky Tea Infuser
The sharky tea infuser is one of the coolest looking loose leaf tea infusers around. This cool little gadget makes for a great a gift for any tea lover.

There is no doubt that this infuser is probably one of the best looking around. The floating shark fin and the red streaks coming from the infuser make it look amazingly good. If you’re using a tea that doesn’t brew red it might not look as good but still does a pretty good job at infusing most teas.

Sharky Tea Infuser Instructions

The sharky tea infuser much like all novelty infusers is really easy to use, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Remove the silicon fin from the metal part.
  2. Add your favorite blend of loose leaf tea. If you’re after the whole red effect then try using a tea such as rooibos/redbush.
  3. Place the fin back on the top of the metal tea container.
  4. Place into a mug that has boiling water in it.
  5. Brew 3-5 minutes or longer depending on your chosen tea.
  6. Enjoy

If you want to see how this is done visually check out the video I have prepared below! It shows you a very simple demonstration on how to use the sharky tea infuser and what it actually looks like in action.

If you love your fine tea or tea that expands quite a bit you might want to know that this is probably not the best infuser for you. As with many of the novelty tea infusers you will have trouble with any tea that expands too much. There is just simply not enough room for the tea to expand and the water won’t be able get between it. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for most tea blends. You will also find that fine teas will spill out of the holes as they are too large however they will still keep most tea types in.

If you’re not worried about optimal tea infusion and would just rather a good looking infuser then you should certainly check this one out. The sharky tea infuser does seem to sell out every now and then so it’s best not to wait too long to buy this one. (I had trouble getting mine)

This infuser is a bit different to what you will find with most as it’s not 100% silicon and it’s not 100% metal. The part that holds the tea is made out of a stainless steel whilst the fin is made out of silicon. The silicon is what helps it stay afloat instead of sinking straight to the bottom.

You will sometimes find that this infuser is hard to make it float correctly. I usually end up with the sharky floating on one side and I have seen other people with it sinking straight to the bottom. I found the best way around this is put it into the mug gently whilst also making sure your tea is evenly spread out in the infuser. If you place in right the sharky tea infuser should float correctly.

Sharky Tea Infuser Instructions

Where to Buy the Sharky tea Infuser

The sharky tea infuser can be a bit hard to come across. For quite some time it was sold out on pretty much every online store and very hard to find in offline retail stores. Luckily it has been released again and slightly improved in a few areas.

You should be able to find this cool little infuser at pretty much any good online novelty gift shop or a major retailer such as Amazon. If you prefer to go buy it offline then it might be a bit harder to find. I would recommend checking out any good speciality novelty shops that you live near.

If you already own this tea infuser and would love to share your thoughts on it then be sure to leave a comment below.