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The Easy Recipes Cookbook

The Easy Recipes cookbook is jam-packed with extremely tasty recipes that will help you live an easier lifestyle.

There is over 289 tried, and true easy recipes complete with photography that will have you licking your lips.

Delicious recipes range from simple breakfasts right through to beautiful desserts.

No tricks, just deliciously good easy food.

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Deliciously Easy Recipes

Don’t stress about converting measurements as all the recipes are in both metric, and imperial measurements.

Good looking food photography will keep you drooling from page to page. It showcases precisely what you’re about to make.

There is a wide range of recipes from simple meals in a mug right through to tasty dinner dishes. The honey balsamic chicken is worth trying.

Honey Balsamic Chicken

Honey Balsamic Chicken

Banana Mug Cake

Banana Mug Cake

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside

You will find the book packed with over 289 recipes covering all the important meals such as lunch, breakfast, dinner, dessert and even snacks.

Below are just some of the incredibly tasty recipes that you will find in the cookbook

Tasty Breakfast Recipes

You will find some amazing breakfast recipes in the book. Here are just some of our favorites.

Omelette in a Mug

Quick and Easy French Toast

Cheesy Ham, Egg, Bread Bowl

and much more

Easy French Toast

Easy French Toast

Ham, Egg, Cheese Bread Bowl

Ham, Egg, Cheese Bread Bowl

Fulfilling Dinner Recipes

Gorgeous, easy dinner recipes that will leave you feeling pretty satisfied. Here are just a couple of recipes you need to try.

Orange Chicken

Sloppy Joes

Honey Balsamic Chicken

and much more

Easy Orange Chicken

Easy Orange Chicken

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes

Delicious Dessert Recipes

Desserts that are super easy but also taste amazing. Here are some of our favorites that satisfy our sweet tooth.

Banana Mug Cake

Rice Pudding

Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding

and much more

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar

What people are saying about our easy recipes

Liked by over 160 thousand people looking for tasty easy recipes, here is what people are saying about our recipes..

Corn Dog Batter Thumbnail

Corn Dog Batter

Love, love this recipe is so easy and Sooo yummy ! I added 1Tbs of honey to my batter and boiled dogs for 3 min. Let them cool and rolled in corn starch before dipping in batter. Soooo yummy goodness!

- DK

Lazy Lasagna Thumbnail

Lazy Lasagna

Thanks for an easy, quick and delicious recipe. I am so hopeless at cooking but I promised my wife I’d try something tonight so she could have a rest. I made your lasagna recipe and it went down a treat; everyone was so impressed!

Thanks for taking the time to put it out there mate.

- Adam

Chocolate Fudge Thumbnail

3 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

Love how easy and delicious this fudge is. anything chocolate is my favourite – so thanks for the recipe.

- Thalia

Deep Fried Mars Bar Thumbnail

Deep Fried Mars Bars

Awesome!! First time I have ever tried deep fried mars bars at home. The batter was just right.

- Claire

Bonus #1 Getting Started with Slow Cooking

Being new to slow cooking can be daunting, but this bonus book will take you from beginner to masterchef in no time at all.

You will find that it is packed with all the tips and tricks that you need to know when getting started with slow cooking.

This beginners guide covers topics on cooking tips, conversions, and anything else that is important to know.

There are 20+ pages of helpful content, and all this is included for free with your purchase.

Getting Started with Slow Cooking eBook Cover

Bonus #2 Prep It, Forget It

You will also receive the Prep It, Forget it cookbook with your purchase.

This cookbook is loaded with over 200 tried and true slow cooker recipes.

The slow cooker recipes in this cookbook pack a ton of flavor such as the satay beef, rice pudding, beef and broccoli and so much more.

Usually, this book will cost $29.95, but today, it is included with your purchase for free.

Slow Cooking Prep It Forget It Cookbook
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