Tovolo Tea Infuser
This Tovolo tea infuser is a device that you can just simply place into a mug of any size. If you’re after an easy to use infuser that can turn you mug into a tea infuser mug then this one certainly does the job well.

As any avid tea drink would know, there are a lot of tea infusers that don’t do a very good job at infusing your tea. For example a lot of the novelty tea infusers look cool they leak a lot of the contents in your water. This infuser is both quite large and does a really good job at making sure your tea remains inside the actual infuser and now throughout your water.

If you want to see the tovolo tea infuser in action then be sure to check out the video below. It is short and snappy but should get the idea of how the infuser works and looks like.

How does the Tovolo tea infuser work

This infuser works fantastically well and is super simple to use, all you need to do is the following steps.

  1. Simply add ~1 tsp per cup of tea
  2. Add the infuser into the mug or pot
  3. Brew for 3-5 minutes
  4. Remove the infuser and let drip for a few seconds
  5. Place the infuser onto the included stand
  6. Serve & Enjoy

Tovolo Tea Infuser Mug

The Upsides

One of the cool things about its design is that you’re able fit a fair bit of tea in fact a lot more if you compare it the tea ball infuser. I also find unlike a lot of the other loose leaf tea infusers this holds fine tea a lot better. Whilst it does let a bit leak out it’s nothing as crazy as something like the manatea tea infuser.

As this is larger than a lot of infusers can you brew a pot of tea given that will fit nicely in your tea pot. If you only need a mug worth of tea then it still does an awesome job of doing that.

This infuser also works well with all types of tea as it has a much larger tea area then a tea ball. It is also a bit easier to clean and empty as you don’t need to open or close it. Also, unlike most the other infusers you will find out around there is only 1 piece this makes it really easy to clean.

The Downsides

The Tovolo tea infuser mug insert unfortunately has a tall design so if you have any mugs that aren’t tall then it just won’t work as well. You’re still able to use it but it doesn’t fit as nicely as it would in a tall mug.

Apart from the downside of being a bit too tall this infuser is pretty solid and you can expect to end up using it quite a bit. This has been my personal favorite out of all the ones I currently own.

Where to Buy the Tovolo Tea Infuser

I found I keep using this tea infuser over the rest of the ones I have. This is mainly because it is very easy to use and also very easy to clean.

If you’re after a Tovolo tea infuser then you can find it for sale over at Amazon. You can also probably find this at most major supermarkets or specialised tea shops if you don’t want to buy it online.

If you already own one of these and would love to share your thoughts on it then be sure to leave a comment below.