Vacuum coffee maker
A vacuum coffee maker is an impressive way brew up some coffee! Due to the way you make coffee with this device you can put quite a show on for your guests and the coffee it produces is actually pretty good.

In this guide we take a look on what a vacuum coffee maker is and also how to use one.

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of machine, then I don’t be surprised! This type of coffee making is a bit more involved than others thus not being as popular.

The way this works is that you boil your water in a bottom chamber, the pressure and steam then forces the water to into the top chamber. The top chamber is where our coffee grind is and that’s where the water will brew for about 3-5 minutes. Keeping the heat on will make sure water remains up the top however make sure you don’t let the bottom chamber run dry.

Once you remove the device off the heat the water will then be sucked back down into the bottom chamber leaving you with a clean tasting coffee. After this you can serve & enjoy, there are proper instruction on using this below.

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Vacuum Coffee Maker Instructions

In this guide I am using the Bodum vacuum coffee maker it is quite affordable and has a nice glass stylish look. There are plenty of other styles out there so be sure to check out

  1. Fill the bottom globe up with cold water.
  2. Insert the stem of the upper globe into the bottom globe.
  3. Now place onto the stove top or a different heat source. (Make sure the globe isn’t we on the outside)
  4. While it is heating add your coffee grounds into the upper glass globe.
  5. The pressure in the bottom globe will now push the hot water up the stem and into the top chamber where our grounds are.
  6. Now allow to brew for about 5-10 minutes.
  7. Remove the device from the heat source and the pressure will now change with the brewed coffee now being pulled back into the bottom globe.
  8. Once all the coffee is in the bottom chamber remove the upper glove.
  9. Pour and enjoy.

Vacuum coffee maker and Coffee

Notes on the Vacuum Coffee Maker:

I will mention a few things I found whilst using the vacuum coffee maker that you might want to know. Especially if you’re looking at making this coffee making method one of your main ones.

Lots to clean

If you’re used to other methods of brewing coffee then you will probably be aware that there is typically note a huge amount of cleaning involved. The vacuum coffee maker unfortunately involves a lot more cleaning and this is mainly due to the extra parts that typically come with this device. Especially when you come it to something like the french press coffee maker.

Best Coffee Blends

African and Central American blends really are amazing when brewed using the vacuum coffeemaker. This doesn’t mean you need to use these blends but if you want the best coffee from this device then the African and Central American blends are the way to go.


This way of coffee making will take a bit longer than other types. This is mainly due to the time it takes to prepare the device such as cleaning, heating etc.

Where to buy

I bought my Bodum vacuum coffee maker from a local shop but you’re also able to pick it up from an online store such as amazon.

If you’re after different brands of the vacuum coffee maker, then you can find a lot of them for sale at pretty much any good online or offline retail store.
If you have your own opinion or would just love to add to this guide then please feel free to drop us a comment below! Would love to hear from you on what you have to say on this cool looking brewing method.