Hibiscus Tea Recipe

This hibiscus tea recipe is amazing on one of those hot days where you need something just quench that thirst. This tea not only tastes great but it also looks fantastic.

You will find this recipe is very easy to quickly cook up and have ready for a lunch or dinner party. If you need it chilled fast, I would reduce the amount of water and add lots of ice cubes when you are done with cooking. This tea chilled is undoubtedly a must if you live somewhere that is warm in the evenings.

Hibiscus also has many health benefits to it so if you’re interested, then be sure to check out the article on the hibiscus tea benefits. It will take you through all the fantastic benefits you may get from drinking this tea.

If you want to see how to do this recipe, then be sure to check out the video above. I go through all the steps to getting this tea brewed, cooled and ready to drink. If you do like the video, please make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube.

The Hibiscus Tea Recipe

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Cooking Tips

  • You can add some fresh lime juice to add a bit more flavor to the Agua de Jamaica.
  • You can substitute the sugar with a different sweetener. For example, you might prefer putting honey in rather than sugar.
  • You add other aromatics into the steeping process for example star anise, cardamom pods, orange peel or even lemongrass. Keep in mind these ingredients can change the outcome of the hibiscus tea recipe.
  • If you’re making this and don’t have time to cool it down in the refrigerator you can lower the amount of water ab ½ – 1 cup and use ice to cool it right down. This way you will have a drinkable chilled tea in no time at all.
  • If you don’t like ginger, just leave it out. You can also leave the sugar out if you don’t mind it not being sweet.
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If you have any thoughts, variations you would like to share on this fresh hibiscus tea recipe then be sure to drop us a comment below.