Paleo Chicken Soup

This simple Paleo chicken soup recipe is a fantastic light, healthy meal. This dish is great just as an appetizer, dinner or even as a paleo friendly lunch.

One of the best things about this soup is that if you have the leftover roast chicken, then you’re able to use that in place of the raw chicken in this recipe. If you’re using leftover chicken, don’t add it until step seven. You will also need to replace the 5 cups of water with a chicken stock.

This chicken soup reheats pretty well so if you like to make things in bulk and eat them over the course of a few days, then this recipe is perfect for just that. You can also freeze it down if you want it to last more than just a couple of days.

Homemade Chicken Soup

There is nothing like some chicken soup on a day when you’re not feeling the greatest. Personally, I love having a nice warm soup when I have a cold or just not feeling very well. This soup is pretty healthy with a ton of vegetables and a chicken stock made from scratch making it great for getting those vital nutrients.

If you want to see how to do this recipe, then be sure to check out my video below. I go through all the steps and anything you might need to about cooking this paleo recipe correctly.

Paleo Chicken Soup Recipe

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Cooking Tips:

  • Skimming the scum/foam off the top of the soup will help keep the broth nice and clear. You will need to do this for when you cook the chicken and also when you cook the vegetables. If you don’t do this, then you will still have a great tasting soup, but it won’t be very clear.
  • As I mentioned above, you can use leftover chicken in place of the raw chicken. If you decide on this, then just shred it and skip to step seven. However, you will probably want to replace the water with some chicken stock, so you still get the full flavor of the soup.
  • Other vegetables such as broccoli & Brussel sprouts also work well in this recipe. Add any extra vegetables at the same time you add the cauliflower.
  • An important thing to look out for when making soup is getting the seasoning right. If you put too much salt in then it’s almost impossible to fix it. To avoid doing this simply taste as you season, you will eventually get the perfect balance of flavor.

Nutritional Information:

If you’re wondering about how healthy this soup is, then you can find some nutritional information below. I hope that it helps when it comes to deciding whether or not this soup is for you.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 428g
Servings Per Recipe 6
Amount Per Serving
Calories 273 Calories from Fat 45.9
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5.1g 8%
Saturated Fat 1.4g 7%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 128mg 43%
Sodium 136mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 4.6g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1.5g 6%
Sugars 2.3g
Protein 49.1g 98%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

This soup is just one simple chicken recipe that is easy to cook up and is paleo friendly. If you want more then something like the homemade butter chicken curry is a great dish. You make a curry paste from scratch so you not only have a ton of flavor, but you also know exactly what’s going into it.

If you have any variations on this paleo chicken soup recipe that you would like to share, then be sure to leave me a comment below.