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21+ Easy Snack Recipes

Delicious easy snack recipes that great for those when you have munchies and just want something fast and easy.

If you want a larger meal, then be sure to check our other easy recipes. These are all super easy to cook up where you don’t need to be amazing in the kitchen.

All these snack recipes can be made ahead and simply reheated for whenever you get hungry. The pizza scrolls are one of our favorites! They are delicious both warm and cold.

You can find all the easy snack recipes right further down the page. If you have any tips, thoughts or anything else that you would like to share be sure to leave a comment on the recipe.

Dead Easy Banana Bread

This amazing easy banana bread recipe won’t take you long before you can have it in the oven. Once in the oven, it takes about 30 minutes to cook but is totally worth the wait. This banana bread is probably one of my less "lazy" recipes but still is incredibly easy to...

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Super Delicious Easy Baked Brie

This easy baked brie recipe is any cheese lover’s dream. After about 5 minutes it comes out as a delicious gooey cheese that is amazing just by itself or with some crackers. A nice red wine also goes amazingly well with this. This recipe is super simple and won’t take...

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Easy Garlic Bread: How To Make Garlic Bread

This snack is an easy garlic bread recipe that is perfect if you need to make a side dish for your meal fast. It is also great if you’re just after something to snack on, but you don't feel like cooking anything too substantial. As I mentioned in the cooking tips at...

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Super Easy Baked Brie in Puff Pastry

If you’re after an amazing crunchy gooey baked brie in puff pastry recipe, then you don’t need to look any further. This recipe is super simple but will also amaze your friends and family if you plan on cooking afternoon tea for them. I find that the smaller wheels of...

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Deliciously Easy Mars Bar Slice

This easy Mars bar slice recipe is incredibly moreish you will find it hard to stop eating. This recipe is so easy it is a great one to get your kids to help you out with the cooking. This slice is also great for a kids lunch box or just for those times where you just...

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The Easy Recipe Cookbook

The easy recipe cookbook is jam packed full of delicious meals that are incredibly easy to make. There is also a ton of snacks, mug recipes and so much more to try out...

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Crispy Deep Fried Camembert Recipe

This deep fried camembert recipe is so fantastic you will find yourself going back for seconds, third or more. The best thing about these gooey, crunchy cheese wedges is that they’re easy to cook up quickly. These little-fried cheese blocks are great by themselves, or...

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Amazingly Easy French Onion Dip Recipe

This recipe takes you through the steps on how to make an easy French onion dip that goes great with cheese and crackers. If you’re looking for an easy recipe on this popular dip, then you're in the right place. Whenever I have made this dip for a party, it has always...

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Super Easy Corn Relish Dip

This corn relish dip is a tasty dip that is super easy to whip up quickly and goes great as part of a platter. This dip is undoubtedly a winner whenever I have made it for a party. It is super easy to do and tastes a lot better than the dip you can buy at the...

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6 Dead Easy Steps to Cookie Dough in a Mug

I LOVE cookie dough, but sometimes I get a craving for it but don’t want to make a huge batch. At this point is where cookie dough in a mug comes in, A tasty cookie dough cooked or raw you can quickly whip up in a mug. All you need you need is a microwave, mug, a few...

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Damn Easy Guacamole Recipe

This easy guacamole recipe is so easy you will have yourself a fantastic side dish ready in minutes. If you have never heard of guacamole before, then it is simply a dip made of avocados. You will find a lot of variations on the recipe, but typically it has garlic,...

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These easy snack recipes are perfect for anyone looking for something to quickly munch on but don’t want a proper meal.

A lot of these snack recipes can be cooked ahead and stored in a fridge so you can just quickly grab them out of fridge to munch on! Some of these recipes however you might want to microwave it first.

If you’re looking for a proper meal, then you should check out some of our other easy recipes! These are fantastic for anyone who doesn’t have the most time in the world to prepare a meal or just something that is easy.

If you want to improve your kitchen cooking skills, then be sure to check out our cooking tips and hints. These tips and hints will help you get better in the kitchen by showing you how to master some basic cookery techniques.

If you like our easy snack recipes and would love to stay up to date with all our latest recipes, then be sure to add us on social. Also we have an awesome cooking crash course that has all the basics you should know about cooking.

We are forever adding more recipes ranging from delicious snacks right through to you to simple dinner recipes. We hope you enjoy our current range of great recipes.

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