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21+ Easy Snack Recipes

Delicious easy snack recipes that great for those when you have munchies and just want something fast and easy.

If you want a larger meal, then be sure to check our other easy recipes. These are all super easy to cook up where you don’t need to be amazing in the kitchen.

All these snack recipes can be made ahead and simply reheated for whenever you get hungry. The pizza scrolls are one of our favorites! They are delicious both warm and cold.

You can find all the easy snack recipes right further down the page. If you have any tips, thoughts or anything else that you would like to share be sure to leave a comment on the recipe.

A “cheats” Homemade Tortilla Chips Recipe

These homemade tortilla chips are deliciously crunchy and are so damn easy to whip up quickly. I know these aren’t truly "homemade", but they still make great freshly baked chips. You can use these tortilla chips in many different dishes such as nachos, taco salad or...

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Party Pleasing Pigs In A Blanket

These delicious pigs in a blanket are not just great as a snack but are also excellent platter food. This recipe is fantastic for kids parties they just absolutely love them and even better is that they are so easy just to throw together. It doesn’t stop there it is...

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Delicious Mug Coffee Cake Recipe

This mug coffee cake recipe makes a delicious cake that is moist, fluffy and has slight hint cinnamon. You can eat it by itself or with a nice hot cup of coffee. This recipe serves one if you need more than that just merely double it but you will probably need to use...

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Super Tasty Easy Nachos Recipe

This easy nachos recipe is a great party food that is not only simple to make but is also great tasting. If you need to make more than this recipe provides, merely just double the recipe. For those who don’t know, nachos is a dish that originated out of Mexico....

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Scrumptious Puff Pastry Pizza Scrolls

In this pizza scrolls recipe, I use puff pastry, using puff pastry allows for a fantastic crunch but is a lot faster than having to make your own dough. You will find puff pastry is also much better than some of the pre-made bland pizza bases you can buy at the...

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The Easy Recipe Cookbook

The easy recipe cookbook is jam packed full of delicious meals that are incredibly easy to make. There is also a ton of snacks, mug recipes and so much more to try out...

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These easy snack recipes are perfect for anyone looking for something to quickly munch on but don’t want a proper meal.

A lot of these snack recipes can be cooked ahead and stored in a fridge so you can just quickly grab them out of fridge to munch on! Some of these recipes however you might want to microwave it first.

If you’re looking for a proper meal, then you should check out some of our other easy recipes! These are fantastic for anyone who doesn’t have the most time in the world to prepare a meal or just something that is easy.

If you want to improve your kitchen cooking skills, then be sure to check out our cooking tips and hints. These tips and hints will help you get better in the kitchen by showing you how to master some basic cookery techniques.

If you like our easy snack recipes and would love to stay up to date with all our latest recipes, then be sure to add us on social. Also we have an awesome cooking crash course that has all the basics you should know about cooking.

We are forever adding more recipes ranging from delicious snacks right through to you to simple dinner recipes. We hope you enjoy our current range of great recipes.

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